I don’t like writing diaries trashing our (viable) candidates. I have my preferences, and based on recent DKos straw polls, it appears that those preferences are pretty well in line with others on this site.

I’ve written a few anti-Gabbard diaries because, well, she’s not much of a Democrat, is she?

But Marianne Williamson is a sideshow, and it’s about time she fold up her carnival tent, put on her jetpack, and rocket back to the lunar base.

In a now-deleted tweet, she said this this morning:


Hey, it’s a step up from nuking hurricanes, but this isn’t very helpful, really. Sounds a lot like “thoughts and prayers.” Or maybe “use The Force, Luke.”

Again, we all have our preferences, but can we agree that proposing we all put on our Cerebro helmets to turn away hurricanes with our positive vibrations is disqualifying for a presidential candidate? Or have we all, finally and forever, lost our fucking minds?

Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that. Marianne Williamson has an astral plane. 

She didn’t qualify for the next debate, so this should sort itself out naturally before long, but still. Enough already.

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  • September 4, 2019