Marco Rubio proves he's Trump's pup with astonishingly hypocritical take on classified docs

The most shocking part about this story isn’t Marco Rubio’s hypocrisy. That’s a given, like Donald Trump’s slovenly ineptitude or early summer squalls that drop hailstones the size of Louie Gohmert’s head. No, the truly surprising part is that his hypocrisy was so incandescent it actually drew flak from Fox News.

Donald Trump has apparently run afoul of the law—again. This time he’s been accused of physically removing top secret materials from the White House and shoving then in some random Mar-a-Lago linen hamper that’s likely the closest we’ll ever get to a Donald Trump Presidential Library.

Unless you were in a coma during the 2016 election cycle, as many of us no doubt wish we had been, you’ll recall something about Hillary Clinton’s emails and a private server. The world-ending scandal that supposedly proved then-Secretary Clinton was unfit for office involved her sending and forwarding emails from an unsecured account. Oh, and a vanishingly small percentage of these emails may have been classified—in most cases retroactively. Doesn’t sound like much, but the media, led by the venerable New York Times, acted like they’d found a neck-tatted JonBenét Ramsey playing Russian roulette with the Lindbergh baby in a crawlspace under Hillary’s guesthouse.

Importantly, however, investigators concluded that Clinton’s handling of her emails was in no way criminal. As noted by Vox, even Jack Goldsmith, an attorney in the George W. Bush administration, noted that prosecuting Clinton “would be entirely novel, and would turn in part on very tricky questions about how email exchanges fit into language written with physical removal of classified information in mind.” 

Physical removal of classified information? Intentionally mishandling classified material? You mean, what Donald Trump just did?

This, of course brings us to the senior Sunshine State senator.

  • February 15, 2022