manufactured outrage started with a Trump comment about his Home Alone 2 cameo

Trump mentioned his cameo in Home Alone 2 now two days ago as a minor aside while referring to the film as a Xmas classic during a video conference.

Twitter decided to make it trend especially among Trump’s Canadian anti-Trudeau followers, still triggered by the NATO leaders’ gossip that compelled Trump’s early exit from their recent meeting.

Mass snowflakery among Trumpists reigned, as Trump-bots whined that the Canadian government “revenge-edited” an extra with a seven-second speaking part named Trump in the 27 year-old movie, Home Alone 2, aired in Canada. 

This got amplified as disinformation in other media like Fox News, even as Trump decided to joke about it, reminding us in a tweet that he was “just kidding”.

Because no amount of trivia can be omitted from Trump propaganda, and Trump loves to show that he has shtick, even if the film location contracts required Trump cameos for the use of his facilities. CNN had to do what is an obligatory fact-check for a monumental waste of social media.



President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday night about a matter that had been percolating in pro-Trump media circles all day: the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) editing him out of “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”

Trump made a cameo appearance — about seven seconds long — in the beloved 1992 Christmas comedy. But his supporters noticed that the cameo did not appear in the version that aired on the CBC this December.

Facts First: The CBC edited out multiple scenes from “Home Alone 2” to shorten the two-hour movie for television — eight minutes in all, the CBC says. The CBC’s deletion of scenes entirely unrelated to Trump is confirmed by a search of viewers’ complaint tweets. Trump was not cut as Canadian retribution for his policies in office: He has been omitted from the CBC version since at least 2015, the earliest we could find viewers tweeting about the deletion. CBC says it actually cut the Trump cameo in 2014, before Trump launched his presidential campaign in June 2015.

No, Justin Trudeau didn’t get Trump edited out of ‘Home Alone 2’

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