Manchin's Voting With Putin.

Thanks for 30 years of “It was a bipartisan vote”, dipstick.

When are you getting the T-Shirt?


Daily Beast

“The Kremlin’s support of Donald Trump’s objectives, devoid of traditional U.S. values, has spilled out into the issues typically outside of Russia’s purview, such as Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Trump’s disregard for human rights and values is balm to the Kremlin’s sanction-wounded heart, which is why the Russians were quick to jump on the Kavanaugh wagon.

Russian state media is supporting Trump’s Kavanaugh nomination both in its domestic publications, as well as those aimed at the English-speaking audiences.

Hamilton 68, an organization which tries to track Russian influence operations on Twitter, also recorded extensive activity pertaining to the Kavanaugh nomination.”


Don’t bother trying to talk me down. 

Seriously, F that MFer.