Manchin, progressives aren't holding infrastructure bill hostage. It's you holding America hostage.

joe manchin

Joe Manchin wants America to believe progressives are holding the bi-partisan infrastructure bill hostage. It is he who is holding the working-class hostage.

Joe Manchin is holding America hostage

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Joe Manchin is full of it. It is clear based on the reasons he provided for not currently supporting the Build Back Better bill that he is but a corporate shill.

Manchin claims Progressives are holding the bipartisan infrastructure bill that is not really paid for hostage. Manchin claims he is not currently supporting the Build Back Better bill because it is inflationary and it will provide more social programs when we cannot afford the ones we currently have.

Manchin fails to note that economists said the Build Back Better bill is paid for with tax increases on the rich and corporations. He fails to note that if we billed income appropriately there would be no social services funding issues.

48 Senators support the bill. Two are not yet on board. Who is hold what hostage?

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  • November 1, 2021