Manatee County Florida. Mandatory Evacuations ! Catastrophic Leak

No. No.  We don’t need infrastructure bills in America .   We are fine according to republicans.  Well, that state of mind is being changed I bet as I type. (or maybe not according to Republican thinking)  Manatee County Florida is under mandatory evacuations and every homeowner can expect higher homeowner insurance increases not to mention the agriculture community including wildlife is under the gun.…

 Manatee County officials told people who live around an old phosphate plant property to evacuate Friday due to fears that a leak in a large reservoir of wastewater could cause a collapse and sudden flood.

“What has been occurring in the past 12 hours is there are a number of small breaches in addition to what we believe is a significant leak at the bottom of the retention pond,” said County Administrator Scott Hopes.

The county issued evacuation orders for a half-mile area south of Buckeye Road, off U.S. 41., and another zone stretching north to Airport Manatee 48X, not far from the Hillsborough County line. The orders encompass about 15 to 20 homes, said Manatee Public Safety Director Jacob Saur. Officials are also working to place sandbags around an adjacent gas processing facility, Hopes said.

I don’t know how these people consider this a small breach considering it is dumping over 22,000 gallons of polluted water every minute.


The old Piney Point phosphate plant grounds hold stacks of phosphogypsum, which is regulated because of its radioactivity, and elevated ponds of polluted water. One of those reservoirs appears to have sprung a leak last week, according to property owner HRK Holdings. Environmental regulators have warned that the leaking water could cause dikes or berms to burst under pressure, prompting a catastrophic discharge.

Gypsum stacks are squat berms that rise above the surrounding landscape; the material is a byproduct of the fertilizer industry.

The wastewater was being dumped to the bay through Port Manatee at a rate of about 22,000 gallons per minute by Friday night, he said. At that flow, he estimated, the entire pond could be emptied in about 10 to 12 days. It is not clear when the evacuation orders will end. Records show Mosaic Fertilizer, L.L.C. is now transporting wastewater from the plant to its facilities.

I know there are some people who think Florida needs to be cut off from the rest of the US but believe me there are plenty of good liberals living here and we are oppressed by the greed.  This is home to many many good people.   Most of our kids are natives to Florida as well as my husband.  We are either Georgia or Florida natives in this household and this is home and this whole mess of Florida started after Republicans were put in charge.   Every Governor since the eighties have been Republican and held majorities over this red state.  

This WAS and still is a beautiful state but growing more dangerous by the day.


The local news just reported that the situation is getting worse.  It is escalating.


These are cities in Manatee county and we have Kossacks living in these areas.

  • April 3, 2021