Manafort, Cohen, et al., prove Donald Trump is actually a huge fan of corruption

We all know that Trump’s big defense for his latest open corruption — i.e., that he’s actually trying to stop corruption — is laughable on its face.

I mean, it’s a little like Carrot Top criticizing Gallagher for filling a weary world with bad prop comedy.

But it’s worth reflecting over just how risible it is.

And the claim can be shut down — as you’ll soon see — with however many words are in a tweet these days. (More than 140, right? Still, not that many.)

First, the comedy stylings of Donald John Trump:


And then this, from writer, prolific tweeterer, and not-Trump-fan Stuart Stevens:


Uh huh.

And to refresh your battered memory, here’s the list:

  • Paul Manafort
  • Rick Gates
  • Michael Flynn
  • Michael Cohen

Poor, unlucky Donald Trump. So many criminals seek him out just to victimize him and smear his prodigious shit-smear of a name.

And you can guarantee if Barack Obama’s or Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager had been convicted of a felon, Fox News would have spun off a new cable channel just to cover it.

But now? The story is Donald Trump really hates corruption.

Yeah, try again.

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