Man who thought coronavirus would disappear 'the day after the election' is now a COVID long-hauler

This is why you don’t take medical advice from failed meat-mongers who stare directly into the sun. As he was preparing to have his ass handed to him by Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (Uncle Joe presented said ass on a handcrafted olive-wood charcuterie board with a lovely selection of European artisanal cheeses, a single Bosc pear, and a box of Fruit Roll-Ups, so it’s all good), Donald Trump made a habit of whining about COVID-19 (because it’s something that happened to him, you see) and claiming the crisis would magically disappear the day after the election. You know, because the only reason people’s lungs were turning to concrete all across the country was that the media wanted to make Donald Trump look bad.

An Idaho man who says he was formerly “one of those jackasses” that believed the pandemic would magically end after the 2020 election is now a COVID-19 long-hauler.

63-year-old trucker Paul Russell’s story begins on a drive back to the state from Florida last November. At some point on his trip, Russell explained in a recent Idaho Statesman profile from reporter Audrey Dutton, he became sick but didn’t immediately realize his suddenly declining health was a result of having contracted the virus.

Idaho Man Is Now a COVID Long-Hauler

Here Trump was on October 24 during a superspreader rally in North Carolina: “That’s all I hear about now. That’s all I hear. Turn on television—’COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID.’ A plane goes down; 500 people dead, they don’t talk about it. COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID.’ By the way, on November 4, you won’t hear about it anymore.”

I don’t know which part of that is dumber: the idea that the media would mysteriously stop reporting on the biggest global health crisis in 100 years or that planes carrying 500 people were crashing left and right and no one was bothering to cover it. Either way, Trump’s rhetoric was dangerous, because the implication was that COVID-19 was not a serious problem and was being hyped up merely to damage Trump politically.

  • March 9, 2021