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Man, Oh Man. Was I Wrong About TN and IN Senate Races. And KY-6th.

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I do not know what to say, except I was dead wrong on two U.S. Senate Races:  IN and TN.  I thought for sure that Donnelly would win because, well, he threw people like me under a bus and ran the bus back over me.  I do not know if everyone else saw his commercials, but he ran as an unabashed centrist who was protecting Indiana from the extremes.  And I was like, “OK.  It’s Indiana.  No progressive can win there, so let him be supercentrist.”  

Nothing like Hoosiers being Hoosiers.  So much for that one time flirtation with Obama in 2008.

And I thought that the same thing had to be done in TN.  Bredesen even said he would have voted for sexual predator Kavanaugh.  If the results hold, it wouldn’t even be a close race.

The simplest explanation is that both are just VERY redstates that will always be hard for Democrats to break through in.  Trump is still popular in both.  In such a climate and no recession, Republicans turn out to support Trump and Trump boosters in redstates.

I would throw up a counter argument that maybe an unabashed progressive should run in those states, but Gillum in Florida is behind as I write this diary.  And I have no idea what will happen with Abrams and O’Rourke.  If all three of them fail, it doesn’t necessarily say that being an authentic progressive will guarantee anything in redstates.

And Amy McGrath did not run as a progressive.  It really is difficult to pigeon hole McGrath on the political spectrum, but she was a type of authentic Democrat I was proud to support.  But she came up short.

All I can say is that you can add Kentucky to a fucking hard redstate that it tough to crack.  Last I checked, Trump is still popular here.  Probably still plenty of people who are sold on Trump being back coal mining jobs.  And Kentuckians not wanting to believe that Kynect and the Medicaid expansion is the dreaded ACA.

Desperation and racism make a deadly brew.

What probably hurt Amy McGrath will be this:  no Democratic political apparatus to GOTV in KY.  She had to come up with her own organization from what I can tell.  Want to how I know this?  Because I heard NOTHING again from the state Democratic Party to make sure I went out to vote.  No contact whatsover.  And I’m in Louisville.

The same phenomenon may have existed in those other redstates:  no state political organization for getting out the vote.  But I am guessing about those other states.  All I can say is that running so called centrists in redstates is NOT a guaranteed win either.  We did that in KY for the last few elections, and we have a corpse of a state Democratic Party as a result.

Anyway, while I would love to rag all over centrists for their failed campaigns, I cannot honestly say that it was their centrists campaigns that did them in.  It will take some time to go through the debri field to deterimine what all the factors were in these losses.

And those losses will hurt.

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