Man fatally shot in Atlanta drive-thru, Police Chief resigns

Still early on, but a man got shot three times(sic) in the back after struggling with police officers and taking a taser from one of the officers. Rayshard Brooks runs away and at a distance of approximately 20 feet is shot in the back and dies. The hypotheticals begin. The Atlanta police chief has resigned.

According to the police report, 2 officers tried placing Rayshard Brooks under arrest — after they say he failed field sobriety testing. In the video, you can see the officers wrestling with Rayshard on the ground for nearly 30 seconds.


Don't steal the officer's taser and run away with it (also don't be drunk in the Wendy's drive-up, because now they have your ride), because stuff happens with video from at least three points-of-view.



— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) June 13, 2020


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