Make Trump's Campaign Scam Into a Campaign Ad

I tossed this thought out at the end of my previous diary, New Reports on How Trump Fleeced – and is Still Fleecing – His Base, but the more I think about it, the more I think this is something the DNC or some similar group should look into, so I’m putting up a new diary on this point alone:

Make the Trump campaign scam into a campaign ad.

This is the scam that’s on the front page right now  — NYT details how the Trump campaign scammed supporters into making ‘unwitting’ donations — and also on the rec list: GRIFTER EXPOSED: Trump Campaign Scam Defrauds Hundreds of His Supporters (in case you needed reminding).

Here a few ingredients I would use:

  • Show how the “repeat contribution” box gets more and more hidden. Ditto for the double contribution box.
  • Testimonials from people who were badly hurt by the scam.
  • Graph showing how much money Trump had to return — and how he used his new scam to finance the old one.

I’m not an ad designer, so I’ll stop here and just add that I see two reasons to do this:

  1. It will cause some people to stop and think before sending Trump any more money;
  2. It will make him literally chew the carpet.

On reason #1, I don’t expect too many people will see the light at first. This is an incremental process and this is one of the incremental steps.

The way to make this work, we have to get people who were scammed willing to talk about it. That is the key. The way to reach the74 million Trump voters is to show them people like themselves who got hurt by Trump.

Reason #2 is important because it hits Trump in two places at once: his wallet and his ego. (That’s never hard to do, since he keeps his ego in his wallet anyway.) You want to keep your enemy off-balance and not thinking coherently. One thing I expect he will do is holler and scream — which brings even more attention to the way he’s been scamming people. Another thing he may do is file a lawsuit. Now this means the ad has to be planned carefully so it leaves no legal risk, especially to anyone who appears in it. But it also means more exposure of his scam — including depositions from the Trump campaign people who came up with this scam. More exposure, perhaps even legal liability. Even if he only threatens to file, that gets people’s attention. We want to reach the people who won’t read the New York Times.

The remaining details are left as an exercise to the reader.

  • April 4, 2021