Make tomorrow..Wed. 10/28/2020 DROP OFF BALLOT DAY. DOBD. Do not mail. Don't take a chance.

We are 7 days from the election and we want every vote counted.  If you have not mailed your ballot, drop it off.  Drop it off in a drop box,the polling place or supervisor of elections.   Make that ballot your flowers for the 200,000 dead who are no longer here.   Think of a Dem vote as a memorial for those suffering from job losses, and what all we have lost.  Think of it for the coming decades and those suffering in this country from depression as this man Trump is not fit for leader of anything.

From the top of the ballot to the bottom, mark it blue.  

My grandson committed suicide 5 years ago and the grief never stops.   This virus will leave a mark from physical to mental disorders and we must get it under control and make sure the ACA does not go away.  There was not enough mental health then for my grandson and there will be a worse situation after this virus has ravaged this nation and empathy and help that only can come for a Biden/Harris administration along with a senate takeover can make a difference.

Please… go by and see your grannie if you are well and pick up the ballot and drop it off.  She may not be able to make a drive to where it has to be dropped off.  Just do it.   There is Souls to the Polls and we should help getting ballots not returned yet to the ballot box.

  Don’t let up now.   The down ballot is so important.  We cannot depend on the mail this late in the game.

Florida……..VOTE NOW !