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Major bookmaker changes odds of Trump impeachment from 8-to-1 to 2-to-1

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It’s amazing what a verbal recap of the major conclusions of a report that’s been out for nearly six weeks can do.

Seriously, did anyone read this thing? Judging by the reaction from the right-wing media especially, one would think Robert Mueller’s press conference yesterday had included new allegations that Trump was regularly getting happy-ending massages from quarantined Roswell aliens.

But no, Mueller was basically saying, “Hey, Congress, there’s this report I did awhile back. Remember? It’s full of heinous shit the president did. Take a gander.”

Well, if betting markets are an indication of anything — and they generally are, given that real people are putting real money on the line — the chance that the Ocher Asshole will be impeached shot up significantly between yesterday’s press conference and today’s berserk tweet-a-thon.

The Hill:

BoyleSports, Ireland’s biggest independent bookmaker, slashed the odds Trump will be impeached in his first term from 8/1 to 2/1, according to an announcement from the bookmaker Thursday. The odds of Trump resigning in his first term were 6/1, while his reelection remained even money.

Sorry. Should have warned you about that “even money” bit. Hope you had a bucket ready. Still, Trump appears to be in greater jeopardy now, no matter how you slice it.

“The betting on a Trump impeachment had died down and was basically lying dormant before Robert Mueller threw a cat amongst the pigeons on Wednesday,” BoyleSports spokesperson Lawrence Lyons said in a statement. “With the renewed pressure from Democrats, the betting has been reignited forcing us to make it 2/1 from 8/1 that he is impeached before his first term is out.”

Of course, “impeached” isn’t the same as “convicted.” And Pollyanna that I am, I happen to think his chances of being reelected are considerably less than even money. After all, his chances largely depend on the state of the economy, and he’s doing everything in his power to wreck it. And all he has right now is the economy. Do you really think people are going to vote for Brain-Damaged Damien next November if their 401(k)s are in the toilet?

Trump has continued to claim innocence since Mueller’s remarks, tweeting Wednesday the case was “closed” and telling reporters Thursday that Mueller was “conflicted,” adding that while he himself has “presidential powers that you wouldn't believe” to avoid obstruction of justice charges, “I don't even have to rely on Article II. There was no crime. There was no obstruction. There was no collusion, there was no nothing.”

Whatever you say, Dear Leader. Whatever you say.

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