ABC correspondent, the normally stoic Pierre Thomas, appeared on This Week and pointed out the indignities of racism he has encountered.

Pierre Thomas talks about racism

Watch the full episode here.

Pierre Thomas is always on point and stoic. He simply tells the news always abstracting himself from it.

“The majority of law enforcement officials as best we can tell are good people,” Pierre Thomas said. “They do their job. It's a dangerous job. It's a difficult job but this in essence is about the indignities that black men and women and people of color face all the time.”

Pierre then personalized his narrative.

“I'll give an example,” Pierre said. “I've been pulled over a number of times driving a nice car; driving while black. I can tell you it's not a great feeling.”

But Mr. Thomas was not done.

“Just recently I happen to be in a supermarket shopping,” he continued. “Had a mask on. People couldn't really see who I was. I was cleaning off my shopping cart and a woman saw me cleaning off the shopping cart and motioned to me as if I was cleaning the cart for her. And I simply said to her in a rather indignant voice, 'I'm cleaning this cart for me.' It was a white female. Now, the point here is that we suffer these indignities every day all the time and I think we're at a point where people are saying they're sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Pierre Thomas had a few more statements to make. It is clear that he was at the fed up stage where he was no longer just a correspondent but one who was thinking enough is enough. MSNBC Joshua Johnson recently echoed the sentiment. It is hitting home for many.

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