Add Trump’s insurrectionists to the huuuuge™  list of people who have found themselves staring in shock at the tread marks on their backs, as once again Trump throws them under the bus in order to save himself.

‘Coward’: MAGA internet turns on Trump

The president acknowledged his defeat and urged for political reconciliation. His online faithful didn’t take it well.

“People were willing to die for this man and he just threw them all under the bus. That’s the only thing that’s shameful about the events of the past 36 hours,” Nick Fuentes, the host of the America First podcast and the unofficial leader of the white nationalist Groyper Army, angrily tweeted, shortly after Trump released a video Thursday night in which he conceded that Biden would be the next president and called for political reconciliation. The day before, Fuentes had marched into the Capitol building and live-streamed from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Meanwhile, some MAGAts are still trying to find some way to say Trump didn’t say what he said.

QAnon conspiracy theorists, praying for years that Trump would flush Satan-worshipping pedophile elites out of Washington, tore apart any scrap of data from the video to prove that he was playing one final trick. They subjected the time stamps to numerology, thinking that there was a secret message encoded.

We talk about finding some way to reconnect with those who drank Trump’s Kool Aid. (Yes, I know Jones used a different drink, but this is the lexicon.) Thing is, no amount of stomach pumping will get rid of the poison.

“In no way did Trump say he conceded. He said: transitioning to a new Admin. As in, he gonna clear this one out and bring a new one,” tweeted We The Inevitable, a conspiracy account, getting more than 3,000 retweets within the hour. The account’s followers agreed that this was surely a sign that he was getting rid of Vice President Mike Pence — now cast as a MAGA traitor after participating in the certification of Biden’s win — and that on Jan. 20, retired Gen. Michael Flynn, now a full-fledged QAnon patriot, would replace him in Trump’s second term.

This isn’t being on another planet, or a distant solar system. This is from a parallel universe where the laws of physics and other reality-based systems don’t apply.

And when Trump recovered his twitter account this morning, and tweeted out that the MAGAts were GREAT PATRIOTS, the MAGAts immediately forgave him:

And just like that, the faith was restored. “He says GIANT VOICE which are used in military installations to to alert everyone to EMERGENCIES in the area,” tweeted pro-QAnon account CopiusMQ. It was retweeted 700 times within minutes.

“Im [sic] feeling much better, for a minute I thought I was alone in my thinking,” one account replied.

There is only one way to deal with these seditionists. Find everyone who took part in Wednesday’s assault on our Capitol, verify their participation, then arrest and try them for felonies that will put them away for many many years. There can be no reasoning and no appeasement, and no forgiveness.

I’ve had it with them.

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