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Maddow set to interview Prof. Ford's Reps, but they cancelled to focus on negotiations with the GOP.

Rachel Maddow is reporting that she was supposed to have someone who represented Professor Christine Blasey Ford on her show tonight, but those reps called to cancel because they are concentrating on “negotiations” with Senate Republicans on when to testify about Kavanaugh.  Maddow did not think this was a blow off but real.  Might it be possible that Senator Republicans will not jam Ford up by pushing for meeting on Monday?  Will they move the meeting to another day next week?

Maybe it is real, but Republicans offers are all bad faith.  

But Professor Ford is doing her part to try and testify.  The continual problems are the Republican Senators.  A Rogues Gallery of serial misogynists and criminals.  The end.

Update: I’m not looking for clicks.  I just thought this was POSSIBLE good news on that front.  No link at this time.