Mad Dog off leash. Who pays this guy a visit?

I have no clue what to say about this but this is the biggest dogwhistle yet.

Anyone of us would be kicked off this site for saying such a thing.  Those Proud Boys and RWNJ’s are listening.  This is scary AND dangerous.  So who pays him a visit?  Biden’s secret service detail, the FBI, or his secret service detail.  Who?  This cannot stand.  It just cannot.  Not after the kidnapping and Explosive plot.

Twitter and You tube. 

He cannot just dream and spew this kind of rhetoric.



— Social✽Fly (Gov Cuomo's #StayAtHome Girlfriend) (@socflyny) October 27, 2020


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The minute he said it, all media should have broken away and apologized for his rhetoric and dogwhistle of inciting violence.  This coded threat came from his mouth.