MA-Sen: Sen. Ed Markey (D) Refuses To Let Trump's Corporate Socialism Bail Out The Oil Industry

Washington Post: White House likely to pursue federal aid for shale companies hit by oil shock, coronavirus downturn

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Ed Markey’s (D. MA) re-election campaign:

The Washington Post just reported that Donald Trump is considering a bailout for oil companies.

Let’s be absolutely clear on this: Oil and gas companies don’t need a bailout. The millions of Americans who can't afford medical treatment or sick leave do.

Add your name: Tell Congress to stop Donald Trump from bailing out fossil fuel companies. We must focus on helping the American people — not corporations profiting off our planet and our future.

Bailing out fossil fuel companies would be another giveaway of taxpayer money aimed at helping Donald Trump’s donors.

That’s exactly what is going on here. As a Washington Post journalist reported yesterday, “Trump confidante & oil billionaire Harold Hamm lost $2 billion yesterday. Hamm reached out to admin but says he didn’t make ‘direct’ contact.”

Republican donors and special interests are calling in favors and trying to get a bailout at the expense of the working families of this country.

I’ve had enough. Any bailout to Trump’s cronies in the fossil fuel industry is going to end up in the pockets of the super wealthy — not in the pockets of the working families who actually need our help.

That is unjust and must be stopped. I need you to join me to make your voice heard.

Sign my petition to demand that Congress stop Donald Trump from bailing out his fossil fuel donors. Working people have had enough of this kind of corporate socialism.

Our efforts to combat any economic hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic must center on working people.

Thank you for adding your name and fighting alongside me. Together, we will not let Donald Trump get away with another corporate giveaway.

– Ed Markey

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  • March 11, 2020