Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Ed Markey’s (D. MA) re-election campaign:

It is clear that we are at war with the coronavirus.

In order to slow the spread of the disease, the United States needs to work together to flatten the curve by expanding testing capability and increasing our social distancing. That is how we prevent our health care system from overloading.

To do that and defeat this virus, we need a massive war-scale manufacturing mobilization for critical medical equipment that protects patients and health care workers.

I called on President Trump to use the Defense Production Act earlier this month. He has finally invoked it, but is not using it to fully mobilize manufacturers to make the testing kits, respirators, ventilators, masks, and more that we need. We cannot waste another minute. Trump must ensure that all our health care heroes have the protective equipment they need.

Labs in Massachusetts and across the nation are attempting to ramp up testing capacity, and nurses, doctors, and first responders are treating patients, but they continue to face shortages in supplies and equipment.

If used, the Defense Production Act would allow President Trump to mobilize industries across the country to produce the equipment we need to combat this illness.

Instead, he has refused to compel industry to act. His inaction is criminal and will lead to countless deaths if it is not taken soon.

I need your help to get Donald Trump to stop sitting on his hands and take action.

Will you add your name to mine today to demand President Trump use the Defense Production Act? This will ensure we produce the necessary equipment for our health care workers on the frontlines to fight this virus and save lives.

Thank you in advance for adding your voice to mine. I know these are challenging times. My Senate colleagues and I are doing everything we can to get aid and resources to the people who need it most.

This is an unprecedented crisis for our country, and the only way we will get through it is if we are in this together.

In solidarity,

Ed Markey

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