MA-Sen: Rep. John Lewis (D. GA) Helps Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D) Win His Primary


Received this e-mail yesterday from Civil Rights hero, Rep. John Lewis (D. GA-05), in support of Rep. Joe Kennedy III’s (D. MA-04) U.S. Senate campaign:

Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D. MA-04)

We are experiencing profound national crises on multiple fronts.

From the protests demanding an end to racial oppression and dramatic changes to our policing system, to an economic recession and more, Joe Kennedy offers our country the powerful moral leadership we need to get through this.

So I’m personally asking: Will you join me in supporting Joe with a small $3 or $10 donation to send him to the Senate before his critical End-of-Quarter deadline in 4 days?

I have fought for civil rights my entire life, and while we have made significant progress, we have miles to go before we sleep.

This fight will not end with my generation.

Joe has marched. Joe has spoken out. Joe has amplified the voices of Black and brown Americans. Joe has walked side-by-side with me across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Joe has led. He understands what’s at stake, and you can take it from me, he will get the job done.

Right now, Joe is up against his biggest test yet: his final End-of-Quarter FEC deadline before the primary. Will you chip in $3 or $10 before June 30th so Joe has the resources he needs to win on September 1st?

In the years that I have known Joe Kennedy I have seen him stand up and fight — time and again — for the suffering, the struggling, and the silenced. That’s the leadership we need in the Senate. Leadership that won’t just accept a return to “normal,” but will push us to build a new, better “normal” where healing and justice are delivered to every single person that calls this country home.

Joe is a clear voice for justice and dignity in a rising class of public servants — and I know he will be a tremendous partner in the Senate to help finally achieve justice for all.

So what do you say? Will you join me in helping to elect Joe Kennedy to the United States Senate? Again, he’s facing an important deadline on June 30th, so if you can, please rush a donation to help Joe win.

Joe was built for this fight. Let’s send him to the frontlines.

Yours in solidarity,

John Lewis

Click here to donate to Kennedy’s campaign.

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