Received this e-mail from Rep. Joe Kennedy III’s (D. MA-04) U.S. Senate campaign:

Last week in Wisconsin, we saw folks faced with a choice no American should ever have to make: a choice between their health and their constitutional right to vote.

We saw lines upwards of five hours long… to vote… in the middle of a pandemic. Lines wrapped around city blocks. Americans determined to have their voices heard left their homes in the middle of a public health crisis to cast their ballot.

But the simple truth is that they shouldn't have had to.

That's exactly why Joe is calling to institute national vote by mail — now.

Waiting in long lines at this moment is putting lives at risk.

We have no choice but to make it possible for every registered voter to exercise their constitutional right by mail — without having to weigh doing their democratic duty against protecting their health or the health of their loved ones.

Sign your name now if you agree with Joe: We need national vote by mail.

Voters shouldn't have to choose between risking their lives to vote in person or forfeiting their right to choose representation. We need national vote by mail. And a secure and accessible way to do so.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Team Kennedy

P.S. Sending love and strength to you and your family. These coming weeks are expected to be among the hardest we've ever experienced as a nation. We hope you are well, healthy, and safe.

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