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MA-Sen: Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D) Offers Help To Those With Mental Health Conditions Under Quarantine

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Received this e-mail today from Rep. Joe Kennedy’s (D. MA-04) U.S. Senate campaign:

Checking in and making sure you are doing well. We're now under a stay-at-home advisory in Massachusetts, so I've been spending my time at home with Lauren, Ellie, and James. While I make a lot of jokes about the chaos (we are literally bouncing off the walls here), I also recognize two things.

First, that it's a privilege to be safely home with family right now, to be healthy for the time being, and to have the resources to take care of ourselves. That is not the case for too many among us. If being cooped up is your biggest complaint right now – that is a tremendous gift.

And second, I recognize that I am also incredibly lucky not to be braving this alone.

Far too many, maybe you or someone you love, are in self-isolation at this moment. That can have profound impacts on mental health and wellbeing.

With that in mind, last night I interviewed a friend of mine, Trenni Kusnierek, on how this global epidemic is impacting those with mental or behavioral health conditions. Trenni is a well-known local sports reporter here in Boston and someone who has very bravely and very publicly shared her own struggles with anxiety and depression.

Take a minute to watch our conversation. Trenni provided so many helpful and powerful insights:

Our conversation did get me thinking… especially about all those who are alone in their homes right now, and already may have gone a week without seeing another person, only talking to friends and loved ones on the phone – or perhaps not at all.

So if you or a loved one is struggling right now, feeling isolated, feeling trapped, having fears about what is going on around us right now – here are some resources from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Take a minute to click through them if you need support. There is some really great advice and a wealth of resources.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)

Quick Expert Tips to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

COVID-19 Lockdown Guide: How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation During Quarantine

How to Talk to Your Anxious Child or Teen About Coronavirus

Take care of yourself. Reach out for help if you need it. Find ways to keep loved ones “close” – FaceTime, Zoom, or a good, old-fashioned phone call.

I know these are scary and uncertain times. But I also know we'll get through this, together.


P.S. While it's not quite as good as talking to family or friends on the phone, we are regularly streaming live on Facebook and Twitter for our community. Come say hello there, share what you're feeling or experiencing – I'd love to hear from you.

Click any of the links above for help.

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