Received this e-mail from Rep. Joe Kennedy III’s (D. MA-04) U.S. Senate campaign:

We know these are incredibly anxious times. We are all bracing for a difficult few weeks, as this country fights to get ahead of COVID-19.

Know this: We will get through it. We will come out on the other side. But to keep our people safe, to bring relief to the heroes fighting on our frontlines, we need to go further than half-measures or a state-by-state patchwork response.

That's why Joe is calling for a nationwide shelter-in-place order.

States like New York are already under siege. States like Massachusetts are seeing numbers rise. And the science is clear: no corner of this country will be spared pain if we cannot flatten the curve.

We know a nationwide shelter-in-place order will be difficult — it's not an easy thing to ask of people. And it's critical such an order comes with the economic support needed to get our workers and families through. But it is our best chance at curbing the spread of this disease and giving our medical professionals the space to get people well.

If we make this sacrifice together, we can get healthy, together. Stay healthy. Fight together to rebuild our economy in the months and years ahead.

Sign your name now if you agree with Joe – we need a nationwide shelter in place.

Sending love and support to you and your family.

Team Kennedy

P.S. If you are financially able, consider pitching into Direct Relief, an organization that is ensuring those on the Frontlines have the protective medical gear they need:

Click here to add your name.

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