MA-Sen: Emerson Poll Has Sen. Ed Markey (D) Beating Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D) 56-44

Some big news today out Massachusetts courtesy of Emerson University’s latest poll:


The final Emerson College/WHDH poll finds Senator Ed Markey leading with 56% support and Congressman Joe Kennedy behind at 44% (n=453, +/-4.6%). This is a reversal from the Emerson College/WHDH Poll in May that had Kennedy leading 58% to 42%.

Markey’s base support is registered Democratic voters, where he leads 61% to 39%; Independents are split between the two candidates, but are breaking for Markey 51% to 49%.

Another base demographic for Markey are younger voters, particularly those 18-29, who break for Markey 70% to 30%.

Kennedy’s strength is with lower educated voters; he is leading those who have a high school diploma or less with 66% of the vote. Markey leads amongst all other educational groups.

Click here for the full results.

The primary is September 1st. Let’s keep up the momentum and help Markey win this thing. Click here to donate and get involved with Markey’s campaign.