Lying is a litmus test for GOP. COVID changes business. GOP worth saving? PDR Posse Award

Lying is a litmus test for GOP. COVID changes business. GOP worth saving? PDR Posse Award #PTFB

GOP Strategist Miles Taylor says lying is a litmus test to be a Republican. COVID changes business. Thom Hartmann: GOP worth saving?

GOP requires lying as a litmus test

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  • GOP Strategist Miles Taylor Made it clear that the Republican Party may be fatally flawed and an “I-am-not-crazy coalition” may be needed.
  • Now that more people are vaccinated, businesses can slowly go back to normal. But what will normal look like? It will morph into a different method.
  • There’s apparently no depth to which they won’t go. Liz Cheney is wrong. The GOP is now so deeply embedded with the international criminal class that it’s not worth saving. For 40 years, the GOP has been a peripheral but important part of the international criminal class; Donald Trump pushed the Party fully into its embrace while trying to drag the entire country with him. Now that Liz Cheney’s rebellion has spilled it all out in the open, and their lies, deceptions, and criminality are irrefutable, some people, particularly in the media, seem shocked. They shouldn’t be.
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  • May 13, 2021
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