Lt. Col. Vindman would have protected the children and athletes who 'Gym' Jordan ignored

Convicted child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky recently sought a lighter prison sentence for his 45-count conviction in 2012. The former Penn State assistant football coach still vehemently declares his innocence to the increasingly-limited number of people who will listen, but while a new trial was denied by a state court, this challenge was allowed, based on changes in sentencing minimums. Unfortunately for Sandusky, and only Sandusky, he was resentenced to the exact same 30-60 year prison term; at 75, with a minimum of 23 years to go, that’s an effective life sentence.

Maybe Sandusky figured that, with Donald Trump in the Oval Office and Ohio’s Jim Jordan in the House, sexual abuse has been given a pass. Heck, maybe he even thought he could run for Senate and get Trump’s endorsement?

Thankfully, that was not the case. Sandusky walked away in disgrace—and in handcuffs—and hopefully that’s the last we’ll hear of him.