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'Loved' terrorists get thrown under Trump bus, are now seriously groveling for mercy

It was all fun and games on Wednesday. In an extraordinary display of white privilege, a mob of fascists celebrated as they overran U.S. Capitol Police, smashed windows, terrorized staff, trashed the place, left pipe bombs outside of offices on Capitol grounds, and assaulted people with metal pipes while hunting for House representatives, senators, and most of all, Vice President Mike Pence.  

They took selfies, stole sensitive items from representatives’ offices, and livestreamed the carnage. Y’know, super fun stuff!  It’s not like anyone got hurt—there was “no violence in the crowd,” according to the Trumpist leader of the Chicago’s police union, John Catanzara. Well, except for Capitol Police, several whom are still in critical condition, as well as USCP Officer Brian Sicknick, who died from his wounds Thursday. Oh, and the death of several Trumpists must not count, either.