Louie Gohmert tries to sneak the whistleblower's name into the Congressional record

America’s stupidest congressional representative decided to test his ethical responsibility.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Wednesday night publicly named a person that some Republicans and allies of President Donald Trump claim is the alleged whistleblower who first brought the Trump-Ukraine scandal to light.

Gohmert identified the person, who POLITICO is not naming, during remarks at a Judiciary Committee meeting on articles of impeachment against Trump. Gohmert named the person as he ticked through a list of witnesses he said the committee should hear from before voting on impeachment.

Gohmert did not identify the person as the potential whistleblower, but Republicans have demanded that the whistleblower be subpoenaed to testify, a call that Democrats have swatted away as irresponsible and even dangerous.

Democrats say any effort to identify the whistleblower could endanger the person’s life and chill future whistleblowers from revealing alleged wrongdoing in government.

No other lawmakers on the panel, or on the House Intelligence Committee, have publicly named the person, though the individual’s identity has been circulated online by a small number of Trump-aligned figures and media outlets. POLITICO has not independently verified the whistleblower’s identity.