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LOTUS! PA Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign's claim that GOP lacked access to Philly vote count

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1-22 record in legal challenges as GOP loses again, this time on the watchers of vote counting in Philadelphia.


— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) November 17, 2020

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Republican monitors observing vote counting in Philadelphia were given sufficient access under state law to view the proceedings.
In a 5-2 decision, the court overturned a lower court decision that ordered monitors with President Donald Trump’s campaign be allowed within six feet of tables where ballots were being tallied.

In its opinion, the Supreme Court found that the Philadelphia Board of Elections complied with requirements for observer access from the moment the first votes were counted.

“We conclude the board did not act contrary to the law in fashioning its regulations governing the positioning of candidate representatives,” Justice Debra Todd wrote for the majority. “Critically, we find the board’s regulations … were reasonable.”



Red Shift / Mirage not limited to PA, there's a witness to Lindsey Graham's vote tampering

When confronted with a mirage there’s more of a scramble to reach the oasis.


— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) November 17, 2020

A staffer for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger said Tuesday that he participated in a controversial phone call with Sen. Lindsey Graham and said he heard Graham ask if state officials could throw out ballots.

The comments from the staffer, election implementation manager Gabriel Sterling, corroborate Raffensberger’s recent claims about the phone call with Graham, who is one of President Donald Trump’s most outspoken allies.

Earlier this week, Raffensberger accused Graham of asking him to “look hard and see how many ballots you could throw out,” referring to absentee ballots that skewed heavily in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. Graham denied the claim, saying that it was “ridiculous” that he tried to pressure Raffensberger to throw out legally cast ballots.

In response to a question from CNN about the incident, Sterling said on Tuesday, “What I heard was basically discussions about absentee ballots and if a potentially … if there was a percentage of signatures that weren’t really, truly matching, is there some point we could get to, we could say somebody went to a courtroom could say well, let’s throw (out) all these ballots because we have no way of knowing because the ballots are separated.”

“There is no physical ability for this office to do anything along those lines,” Sterling continued, referring to throwing out absentee ballots that have already been deemed legal by local election officials. “If somebody wanted to go that route, they could go the court route.”…


More manufacturing of post-election crises.

Washington (CNN)

It was the nightmare scenario everyone saw coming: a nail-biter presidential election that was too close to call on election night, with the entire world forced to patiently wait on slow results from Pennsylvania as it sifted through millions of mail-in ballots.

President Donald Trump held Florida and Ohio, which quickly reported their mail-in results on election night. By the next afternoon, Democratic nominee Joe Biden had flipped Michigan and Wisconsin. But for four arduous days, the outcome of the 2020 election lingered in purgatory.
All eyes fell on Pennsylvania, with millions of still-uncounted votes. The delay was largely caused by Republican state lawmakers who defied local officials and nonpartisan experts, and refused to let counties process mail ballots before Election Day, as is allowed in other states.
So the election went into overtime. As the days crept by, Trump's massive election night lead of 700,000 votes slowly disappeared as Pennsylvania's 67 counties churned through their mail-in ballots, revealing a narrow win for Biden. This predictable shift gave rise to a bevy of conspiracy theories, disinformation and baseless accusations of voter fraud, stoked chiefly by the President.
Biden's victory in Pennsylvania has now eclipsed Trump's winning margin from 2016. If mail ballots had been counted first — not last — the trajectory of the entire election would've looked different.
“If they would've just given us 48 hours to open envelopes and stack absentee ballots, we would've delivered a result on election night — easy,” Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democrat, told CNN. “Why wouldn't they agree to something so perfunctory and bureaucratic? Because every Republican in that food chain wanted chaos, and that's exactly what they got.”


11,666 (Park Police figures)


And from the parallel universe:



— Shari Lynn (@LynnSharig8) November 14, 2020


— Joyce Alene (@JoyceWhiteVance) November 14, 2020


— Austin (@AustinWilde) November 17, 2020


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