Losing the American Dream, Real Estate Agents expose the industry

Losing the American Dream, Real Estate Agents expose the industry

Several real estate professionals expose in detail some dirty big secrets in the real estate business that is causing the loss of the American Dream.

Our home used to be the American Dream

Many Americans are oblivious to the shenanigans and “legal fraud” that occurs in real estate. Robby L. Caban ( #NotyouraverageAgent ), owner/operator of Robby Caban Realty Firm, Doug Price, Real Estate Attorney at Browne & Price, and Curt Cournale, broker/owner of Cournale & Co. explain in laymen terms the type of shenanigans that occur. More importantly, they provide the knowledge necessary to ensure we can discuss the solutions sensibly with politicians to help them enact laws to protect us.

What becomes obvious rather quickly is that just like our economic system has turned healthcare and every part of our economy into commoditized products to extract wealth from others while contributing little or nothing, so is the real estate industry. As that reality grows, it creates false housing shortages and inflated prices.

We now have an industry that operates like the OPEC or other cartels. They can simulate supply and demand to inflate prices artificially hurting the overall real estate markets. The cancer of commoditizing all aspects of our economy has become fatal to your personal economy. It is truly the loss of the American Dream.

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