Lol! This has to be the stupidest, most ridiculous White House lie yet

Oh, tell us more about Dear Leader, Kayleigh. The tales of his rugged exploits are riveting!



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Kayleigh McEnany: “He has said before that it keeps him up at night thinking of even one life lost. This president has taken this incredibly seriously. What he’s done is, he’s worked harder. Each and every day he works hard, puts his head down, and I think that’s very evident in the administration’s historic response.”

Trump taking this seriously and working hard “each and every day”:

You know, if she’d said it keeps him up at night thinking of even one Twinkie being eaten by someone other than him, I’d believe it. But I’ve never seen him show a scintilla of concern for anyone killed or sickened by the coronavirus.

Though I do believe he puts his head down. On his desk. To take naps. Like we used to do in first grade when the teacher wanted to sneak some peach schnapps in order to hasten her death before the country could be taken over by a billowing spinnaker of spray-tanned rawhide and bad ideas.

Good God, the nonsense they try to get Americans to believe. Seriously.

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