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LOL. CBS News: GOP Moving “Gym” Jordan to Intel Committee Would Undermine Devin Nunes.

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Oh, you crazy, Devin, just not crazy enough:

CBS News

“Washington — As the impeachment inquiry enters its public phase, top Republicans in the House are weighing whether to temporarily assign Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the panel that will conduct the initial public hearings. Discussions about adding Jordan to the committee are “active and serious,” a senior Republican involved in the process told CBS News.

Jordan, currently the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee and an outspoken defender of President Trump, has essentially led Republican efforts in the closed-door impeachment proceedings thus far, where three committees have been able to participate. His top investigator, Steve Castor, has conducted the bulk of witness questioning.

If Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy were to temporarily assign Jordan to the Intelligence Committee, he would have to make room for him by removing a current member. The move would also undermine Devin Nunes, the committee’s top Republican. McCarthy has sole discretion over Intelligence Committee assignments…

….Jordan is viewed by some Republican colleagues as better equipped than Nunes to be the Republican face of the inquiry because of his experience running investigations on the Oversight Committee. He has also been a fiery supporter of the president since the inquiry began, regularly holding press conferences and appearing on television.

…”To defend this president, you have to live in his alternative universe,” a Democratic lawmaker who has attended the depositions said. The lawmaker stressed that Nunes has only attended a short portion of each deposition “to b–ch about this and then he leaves.”

Apparently McCarthy thinks you are too busy suing an imaginary cow to properly bring the cray-cray to the impeachment proceedings, Devin.

What is needed is some of that old fashioned blue-collar shirtsleeve industrial strength crazy that Gym Jordan exudes like flop-sweat… at least you’ll have a front row seat to the circus.

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