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LMPD Chief: Officer Hankinson Fired Ten Shots Through Breonna Taylor's Patio Door and Window.

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Another bit of information has come out about the Louisville police killing of Breonna Taylor.  The new LMPD Chief has stated that Officer Hankinson fired ten shots through Taylor’s patio door and window.

Interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder's letter to Hankison on Friday notified him of the chief's intent to terminate his employment.

The letter laid out the charges that form the basis of that decision, accusing Hankison of “blindly” firing 10 rounds into Taylor's apartment, creating a “substantial danger of death and serious injury.”

Schroeder writes that Hankison was in violation of department policies concerning obedience to rules and regulations and use of deadly force.

“I find your conduct a shock to the conscience,” Schroeder wrote. “I am alarmed and stunned you used deadly force in this fashion.”

Specifically, he alleges Hankison's actions displayed an “extreme indifference to the value of human life” and that he failed to verify anyone was an immediate threat or if there were any innocent people present when he fired his weapon from outside Taylor's apartment into a patio door and windows with curtains.

Emboldened is mine.

I’m not a cop.  I’ve never been involved with a shooting.  I’ve never even fired a pistol or rifle.  But this sounds like something you would do during a battle in war.

The rest of the article does what Mayor Fischer should have explained to everyone in Louisville.  It lays out why it is a damn difficult to fire a cop, at least in the city of Louisville.  All I can say is that I WISH I had the kind of due process that Louisville police get.

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