Liz Cheney tries to prove she can be just as racist and petty as Trump

If I were Dick Cheney’s spawn I’d spend the rest of my life apologizing to people — both for the war crimes and for curdling a perfectly good heart.

But not Liz Cheney. She’s out to prove she’s hip to the GOP’s modern zeitgeist. Indeed, a racial slur that was unthinkable before it disgorged from Donald Trump’s tumescent shit-noggin is now de rigueur among the chirping minions of the Trump cult. And Cheney is right there with the rest of the irredeemable assholes.

To wit: 



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Okay, Liz, the Pocahontas shtick is:

  1. old
  2. tired
  3. unoriginal
  4. not smart or witty in any way
  5. offensive
  6. racist

Basically, if it attacked a country for no reason, it would be your dad.

And, of course, it should have died a long, long time ago, but people like you keep giving it organ transplants.

Or something.

By the way, this is a good time to point out that Donald Trump claimed to be Swedish numerous times — including in a book he claimed to have written but didn’t. He knew it was a lie, apparently concocted by his father to boost his real estate business after that unpleasantness in the ‘40s. Whereas Elizabeth Warren — whether she has any significant Native American ancestry or not — was simply repeating family lore. 

So shut it. While it may be nearly impossible to believe, you’re only where you are because of name recognition.

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  • December 3, 2019