As Liz Cheney faces the near certain guillotine, she gave a defiant speech today (with all the points you would expect).  What I noticed was this bit of reporting:

As Cheney spoke, the Republican lawmakers mostly cleared out of the chamber, with Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado the sole member who stayed on the floor.

One (!) Republican remained in the room while she criticized Trump.  Amongst many angles, this is what the press is really failing to report.  Not only is Rep. Cheney a (former) genuine force in the Republican Party, and the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney . . . but Republicans can’t even be seen in the same room as her when she delivers remarks.
The notion of the “calm before the storm” can be an overwrought analogy, but not now.  This isn’t about what the Republican reaction will be the next time a Democrat wins a narrow election. Biden won by over 7 million votes, and with a 306 to 232 electoral college margin.  Trump lost the previous election to Hillary Clinton by some 3 million votes, and became the first president in modern polling history to never, for one day, crack a 50% approval rating.
This is an open disavowal of democracy by one of only two political parties, and the danger is growing right before our eyes.  If a 7 million popular vote margin, and huge electoral college win, is not accepted, then what – if any – future Democratic win will be accepted?
All of this can, and should be, reported on these terms now.  It is not as if you need a crystal ball.

  • May 12, 2021