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Live Blog: Trump COVID press conference / “we’re not traffic cops, we’re humanitarian cops”

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Live Blog below.

5:00 PM EDT Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


This aimless search for something to revere is not terribly useful even during circumstances less harrowing than these. But in circumstances as harrowing as these, it is all so spectacularly useless—either so preposterously gullible or so criminally arch—that it scans as an insult. Trump is not a subtle performer, or really capable of expressing anything but whatever urge or anxiety is currently troubling his damp and roiling essence. As a result, it does not take an expert to detect a change in Trump’s tone any more than it takes some sort of interpretive expertise to tell if, say, a whining beagle would like to be fed. But it apparently does take an expert to take that change seriously.


…Trump’s careening and chaotic approach to the world has not been tempered or focused or in any way changed as a result of him assuming the highest office in the land. If there is any true and essential thing about Trump beyond his reflexive cruelty and wild avarice, it is that there is nothing in the world, government epidemiologists very much included, that could or would ever cause him to change. To change, or grow, or even learn something new would to some extent be an admission of defeat for someone who lives so deliriously, delusionally in the moment.


It’s hard to imagine any person less well suited to a long, multifront campaign like this than a man incapable of comprehending the idea of “two weeks from now.” But in some sense, the idea of a “new” Trump isn’t wrong. He is new every morning, awakening into the same sour dream; the future and the past are both gaudy, gilded blanks. When Trump speculated, weeks into the pandemic, that the virus might “vanish like a miracle”—or when he boosts some unproven gimmick cure, or when he attempts to strong-arm a rampaging pandemic into an end-date with his signature hardball deal-smithing, or when he accuses governors seeking respirators in anticipation of a coming surge of political calculation or corruption—he is revealing the only plan he has ever really had, which comes from the only person he trusts, which is that tomorrow might somehow just be different. People are dying behind this faith today, but it goes without saying that none of their names will be etched into eternity. He can really only remember one name, and eternity is just some other time.…




— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) April 2, 2020


— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) April 3, 2020


— Citizens for Ethics (@CREWcrew) April 3, 2020

In case you had trouble keeping up with all of Jared’s problematic behavior, we made a list. It’s long. Some of the things he did are apparently illegal, some just look really bad: 
We’ll start with the fact that his “shadow” task force uses private email accounts, apparently violating both the Presidential Records Act and FACA.

We filed a complaint:

But apparently running the shadow task force has not kept him fully informed. Last night he told Americans that the national stockpile of emergency supplies is “our” stockpile and not for states.

What does that even mean?… 

Kushner has also managed to acquire a major conflict of interest: his brother co-founded a company that developed a government website to locate coronavirus tests (the one Trump promised that Google would build).

Plus, in the stimulus package, there just so happens to be a major tax break for real estate investors.

Jared’s family company could save a lot of money (and so could the Trumps).

Finally, unrelated to coronavirus, Jared Kushner has been running the Trump 2020 reelection campaign out of the West Wing. Not only does that feel wrong, but it’s apparently illegal.

So we filed our second complaint in a week against Jared:

Jared Kushner is dangerously unqualified and conflicted. If this thread didn’t convince you…we don’t know what would. 



— Rep Richard Dangler (@RDangler) April 3, 2020


— Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) April 3, 2020


— JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) April 3, 2020

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) April 3, 2020


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