New Trump Covid-19 taskforce briefing

It started early today, as it tends to on Saturdays, Sunday will likely start later.


COVID-grifting is not limited to the WH as 61% of Americans say Trump unprepared to deal with pandemic.

Land grab indeed, no different than offshore oil leases or electromagnetic spectrum, capital gets glommed-onto. 

The emergence of the novel coronavirus has prompted a land grab of Covid-19-related website domains — some of which are likely to be legitimate, others more nefarious. For example, “” was registered on Jan. 28 — and was the subject of a warning letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on March 26.


 61% (!) of Americans say Trump is unprepared to deal with coronavirus.



— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) April 4, 2020


— Cate Eland (@RomancingNope) April 4, 2020

3) The federal government is then allowing private distributors like McKesson to transport those confiscated PPE on FEMA planes to recipients determined by federal government. It's unclear what the profit mechanism for these private distributors is or how recipients are chosen. 
4) States who had their ordered supplies confiscated turn around and start asking the federal government for supplies, since theirs were confiscated.
5) The Trump family goes on TV to say “it's the FEDERAL stockpile, not the STATE stockpile, you should have planned ahead.” 
6) States have to go to extraordinary means (like using NFL planes and covertly coordinating with other states) to finally get PPE and ventilators.
7) People die due to lack of needed medical resources.
8) Trump keeps killing people, because no one will hold him accountable. 
9) Trump, in fact, blames healthcare workers stealing PPE (which isn't happening) for the shortage.
10) Said healthcare workers are coming to work in homemade masks, getting sick, and dying too.
11) Trump keeps killing them, because no one will hold him accountable. 
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