.Trump is trying to loosen constraints by May 1 and is willing to kill more people, saying “staying at home id death”

Trump really wants a second wave of COVID-19 to  ensure his re-election.

130 pm EDT – Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing

Trump remains resolute in not using the Defense Production Act (DPA) to facilitate national testing. His attempt to invoke some “states rights” decentralized reason to have state-level testing is simply a corporate profit-grab. Trump remains committed to trying to restart the US economy despite the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 contagion.


Gaslight Task Force:


Donald Trump’s own allies are urging him to give up his daily coronavirus briefings and let the adults in the room manage this global health emergency.

According to The New York Times, “Aides and allies increasingly believe the president’s daily briefings are hurting him more than helping, and are urging him to let his medical experts take center stage.”

The Times reports that GOP lawmakers and White House officials are telling Trump to cut down on his “error-filled appearances” and get to work preparing for the “looming recession.”



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