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It wound up being the same as the COVID Taskforce briefing, turning into a campaign speech with the same talking points, mentioning Biden more, and lying about causes of the COVID contagion.

4:00 PM EDT half-hour late, lasts about an hour with questions

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Protecting America’s Seniors

The White House

Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2020 2:24 PM
Subject: In Town Pool Report # 4: Kayleigh McEnany gaggle

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took a few questions in the briefing room just now (not from the podium). Partial transcript below, questions paraphrased:

Q-Is the seniors event today about shoring up his approval rating with seniors?
A- “No not in the slightest. Seniors are a vulnerable population, they've been hit by this hard so the president wants to show the steps this administration has been taking to protect seniors. Nothing to do with polling but everything to do with ensuring that our nation's seniors feel protected at this time.”

Q-how does the president feel about dropping in the polls?
A-“The president is concerned about one thing and one thing alone and that's protecting the health and well being of the American people.”

Q-Trump says China is doing everything to prevent him from being elected. What does he think they're doing?
A: “Why would China want to reelect a president that finally had the courage to go toe to toe (with them)? He just is noting the fact China would like to see someone else in this position”.

Q-Jared Kushner's comments framing this as a success for the administration inappropriate when more than 60,000 have died?
A-“I think Jared has been taken entirely out of context. What Jared is referring to is when we came into this there was this discussion about ventilators for example, there would be this ventilator shortage in New York, needing 40,000 ventilators, and the success story is that this administration mobilized the greatest efforts since WWII that we provided something like 4000 ventilators to New York…Not a single American died in this country for lack of a ventilator. I would call that response a success.”

Q-What about a Washington Post report saying the admin is weighing a move to allow US citizens to sue China?
A: “I'm not at all read into that issue.”

Q: Guidance on future Ohio trip?
A: “I don't have any guidance to give you. I know the Arizona trip will be Tuesday at Honeywell.”

Q: “Are you going to be taking the podium soon?”
A: “Never say never.”
Q: “Anything scheduled?”
A: “We'll see.”



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