Friday, January 22

Lindsey Graham slammed for trying to rig Georgia vote by former Obama official Jim Messina

Lindsey Graham was summarily condemned for his attempt to corrupt the Georgia vote count by disenfranchising Democratic voters.

Lindsey Graham proves he is anti-democratic

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Jim Messina, a former Obama official, appeared on MSNBC to talk about several issues. Even though he was not asked specifically, he wanted to address Lindsey Graham's anti-democratic fascist act.

“Go back for a second though to Lindsey Graham,” Jim Messina said. “I mean, how long are we going to continue to call his kind, a patriot? I mean, he's sitting there trying to collude and trying to find ways to get rid of legally cast ballots.”

Messina then bit into what Graham was really all about.

“And it doesn't matter whether it's for the presidential or the Senate race,” Messina said. “No, that's what people do in dictatorships. That's what people do in authoritarian states, not in the United States of America. And it's just absolutely ridiculous for whatever reason he was doing it, that he's out there trying to do it. And the fact that a fellow Republican called him out on it, I think, is heartening. And hopefully, the Republicans will follow Michael's good leadership here and stop playing politics and help the country unite after a brutal campaign.”

It is ironic that while Republicans are always attacking Democrats about voter fraud. When it is found, which is infinitesimal, it is generally done by Republicans. A recent case in point is a North Carolina House race. Remember to remind those who accuse Democrats of rigging elections, the reality of the voter suppression techniques and outright voter fraud employed by Republicans throughout the country.

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