Lindsey Graham says Kentucky students are better off with a border wall than a new school

Sen. Graham, whatever Donald Trump has on you, it can’t possibly be more embarrassing than the stuff you’ve been saying on TV.

Just let the photos of you wearing a gimp suit while slathered in Crisco and vanilla sprinkles get uploaded to your Facebook account. Who cares at this point? I’d much rather look at that than see your elfin face disgorging gibberish on another one of the Sunday shows.

Today, Graham appeared on Face the Nation, and the program’s host, Margaret Brennan, asked him about confiscating money from urgent earmarked projects for Trump’s vanity wall. 

From Talking Points Memo:

“Aren’t you concerned that some of these projects, that were part of legislation that you helped approve in Congress, are now going to be possibly cut out?” she asked.

Graham said the choice of which DOD funds to use was Trump’s, not his, but, should the military middle school construction project get the ax, “I would say it’s better for the middle school kids in Kentucky to have a secure border.”

“We’ll get them the school they need, but right now we’ve got a national emergency on our hands,” he added.


Graham then went on to talk about the opioid epidemic and how all the drugs are “coming across the border.”

Sure, lots of drugs are coming over the border. And Trump’s border wall will stop exactly zero percent of them — at least in the long run.

The notion that the drug cartels will simply be stumped by a few more miles of fencing at the border, throw up their hands, say “oh, well, guess we have to work at Best Buy now,” and walk away from their obscene profits is the most bizarre fantasy, like, ever. Or at least since the thing with Lindsey Graham in the gimp suit.

And they call us unrealistic for wanting clean air and a sustainable green economy.

I used to think Lindsey Graham was very nearly on the outer fringes of not-crazy. What the hell happened?


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