Lindsey Graham displays his inhumanity and evil with his statement at the Texas/Mexico border

Lindsey Graham has become a heartless and shameless Senator. He would send children crossing the border back home through the desert. That is who he is. Not who we are.

Inhumane Lindsey Graham

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Along with many other Republican Senators, Graham visited the Texas/Mexico border for a political stunt. A reporter questioned him, which provided a window into his soul. And what we saw was inhumanity beyond most.

“What do you do?” a reporter asked. “Do you send that mother and her five-year-old child back across the border?”

“Absolutely. Absolutely, Yes, yes you do.” Graham answered. “There is a legal way to get here. And there is an illegal way to get here.”

Lindsey Graham should remember that the United States has yet to atone for its illegal entry into this continent. When the settlers came, they conquered, murdered, enslaved, and stole the land. Those who are coming over because of their home country’s conditions are coming to be of service. They have no intention of killing or pilfering. Before getting on our high horse, we should have some humility and atone by being humane to others. Knowing our history, that is the least we must do.

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  • March 29, 2021