Lindsey Graham blames Nancy Pelosi for Capitol riot, because they're totally out of ideas now

On the evening of January 6, in the aftermath of the Capitol riots, Donald Trump’s fave toady, Lindsey Graham, said this: “All I can say is, count me out. Enough is enough. … It is over.” 

To me that sounded like this unabashed lickspittle was giving up either the lick or the spittle or both.

That was 11 days ago, which is apparently the maximum amount of time Graham can live outside of Donald Trump’s rectum sans life support before the “do not resuscitate” order kicks in. Because this morning on Fox News, he was dry-humping Trump’s evaporating ghost like it was still the good ol’ days.


GRAHAM: “It was horrendous to see people come and take over the Capitol, the House and the Senate, beat officers, defile the seat of government — how the hell could that happen? Where was Nancy Pelosi, it’s her job to provide Capitol security. We’ll get to the bottom of that.”

Where was Nancy Pelosi? Good question. I’m pretty sure she was hiding from a murderous mob that Donald Trump had sent to kill her, but nice try.


— Drew Hammill (@Drew_Hammill) January 17, 2021


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Of course, it might have been fun if Speaker Pelosi had gone full Pickle Rick on those seditionists. But then I really doubt if putting down an insurrection encouraged by the pr*sident and a substantial cohort of the out-of-power party is really her job.

Okay, Lindsey. Get some sleep. Maybe Joe Biden can send in a SEAL team to steal the blackmail material Trump has on you. Until then, maybe sit the rest of this long national nightmare out.

In three days you can place a new sychophant-for-hire ad in The Post. And good luck with all that.

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  • January 18, 2021