Lincoln Project's Latest: Trump's Hands . . . I Mean, Rally, Smaller Than Expected

The Lincoln Project took its time (18 hours or so) to come up with a new ad attacking Bunker Boy for his flop of a . . . rally. The photo above is a screen capture at the 13  second mark.

(Once again, I seem unable to embed a tweet, even following the Help suggestions.)

Other lines: “We think you’re shaky. Can’t keep your polls up. And it’s getting worse.”

“Sad, weak, low energy” over video shots of rally attendees yawning widely.

Final tag, as he slowly walks down from the helicopter, head low, hat in hand, tie undone: “Just like your presidency. Just like you.”

The Lincoln Project isn’t going for the jugular on this one, it’s going below the belt. I wouldn’t want our side to make this kind of ad. It’s a nasty job, and the Lincoln Project did it. If Trump survives one more week of this without a stroke, it will have to be because he’s on heavy sedatives.

Bunker Boy is learning that his crude vulgarity is no match for good innuendo.

Here’s a link (H/T to Murchadha):



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