The Lincoln Project, a partnership of high-profile conservatives who’ve become disaffected with the Republican Party over its uncouth embrace of a suite of IBS symptoms masquerading as a human being, released another scathing ad recently — and right on cue, it released a dense cloud of KFC-redolent methane over the Potomac. 

And that, of course, proved the group’s point as much as anything else Donald Trump has said or done.

First, the ad, which is devastating:

And, as always, Donald Trump’s response was thoughtful and measured:

Well, Reed Galen, whom our Jenius-in-Cheef erroneously identified in his tweet-squall as “Reed Galvin,” saw Trump’s response. His take? It proves The Lincoln Project’s point — in spades.

Writing for NBC News, the veteran political consultant responded with the polemic equivalent of a shrug and a “toldja so.”

NBC News:

That Trump would attack Republicans who oppose him is no surprise. He has long been guided not by a sense of morals or mission but by loyalty. And there is nothing more infuriating to him than conservatives who speak openly and honestly about his flaws. Even worse, we are working specifically to defeat him come November.

Still, it is surreal to see your name (even misspelled) scroll across a Twitter feed in the middle of the night. We thank him for all the free publicity he has given our movement and our efforts, but his inability to contain himself further illustrates his unfitness for office.

Well, his unfitness for office has been on display for more than five years, but more evidence comes daily — usually multiple times per day.

So … mission accomplished:

There is satisfaction in knowing that your work is having its intended effect. In politics, it’s rare to see an idea go from the storyboard to the airwaves and then straight into your opponent’s brain.

But that satisfaction shouldn’t be confused with jubilation. Yes, we are thrilled that Trump responded in the way he did because it highlights, once again, his profound lack of self-control. And that is just one more reason we believe it is so crucial, to all Americans, that Trump is a one-term president.

At 1 a.m., you hope your president is asleep, getting ready for the next day’s challenges. Trump, though, wasn’t on Tuesday. And that is because he is a small man for whom American lives and economic fortunes are a distant second to his own ego.

Hillary Clinton warned us that Trump’s ego and thin skin would be a severe liability in his current role as … dare I say “president”? He’s more like a sports mascot in a big, goofy costume who insists on coaching the team and playing quarterback. If he toured the country in a San Diego Chicken outfit firing hydroxychloroquine through people’s windows with a T-shirt cannon, it would make about as much sense as what he’s actually doing. And, come to think of it, it would be far less damaging.

So, yeah, keep tweaking this dipshit, Lincoln Project. For now, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We can reassess our relationship after the Orange Death has passed.

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