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like a homecoming queen election, Ron DeSantis slays it

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How Trumpian…


In an age where intersectionality infects secondary education and lesbians become both homecoming king and queen, institutions become corrupted especially when they continue to subscribe to the use of elections to mediate social choices. So many bad role models in DC seem to have affected (even stochastically) states like Florida, whose governor seems to tend to the autocratic.

“restrict third-party voter registration organizations, add new powers for partisan election observers and give DeSantis the leeway to appoint replacements to fill certain local political positions vacated by people running for higher office.”


After Republican Gov. Brian Kemp drew widespread outrage in March for signing Georgia’s controversial voter suppression law behind closed doors—an event that also saw the arrest of a Black lawmaker who knocked on them during the signing—it appears as though Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is ready to one-up him.

According to local reports from Thursday morning, DeSantis prohibited the press from covering a signing ceremony for Florida’s own new voter suppression bill, instead giving Fox News an “exclusive” to the event. The result was every bit as dystopian as you’d imagine.

There was the Florida governor speaking directly to Fox & Friends, where he touted the bill as “the strongest election integrity measure in the country,” before taking pen to paper as a group behind him broke out in applause. Then, as if he had taken stage direction from former President Donald Trump, DeSantis held up the freshly signed legislation for all to behold.

Many observers on social media compared the stunt, which comes as DeSantis continues to attract 2024 presidential buzz, to state-sponsored television.…



A Florida mother and her teenage daughter each face up to 16 years in prison after rigging a high school homecoming court competition, officials announced on Tuesday. The daughter who, was 17 when the crime took place, recently turned 18 and will be tried as an adult.

50-year-old Laura Rose Carroll, an assistant principal at Bellview Elementary School in Pensacola, Florida, was arrested alongside her daughter, Emily Rose Grover, in March.


The mother-daughter-duo were arrested and booked at Escambia County Jail on one count each of offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks, and electronic devices, a third-degree felony; unlawful use of a two-way communications device, a third-degree felony; criminal use of personally identifiable information, a third-degree felony; and conspiracy to commit these offenses (a 1st degree misdemeanor).





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