Liberal Professor slammed on SCOTUS, Elizabeth Rusch on how to fix our democracy, & more.

This Liberal professor shows why elitism loses elections. Elizabeth Rusch makes it clear that our democracy is ours. Mainstream media fail again.

Elizabeth Rusch; her take on our Democracy is refreshing.

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  • This professor is the prototypical Liberal elitist that continuously fails the Progressive movement. His support for Trump’s SCOTUS nominee was summarily ridiculed by Journalist Emily Bazelon, if even in a disguised manner.
  • This interview is a classic example of why Americans don’t vote in their interest. A Stephanopoulos follow-up question on this filibuster lie was a no-brainer. Mainstream media allow liars the use of our airwaves to misinform us.
  • Trump is trying to instill fear in Americans. ‘Remember the 2016 polls! I will win.’ Hogwash. Political Analyst Cornell Belcher understands it all. Given recent polls, if we do out the job, it is a landslide.
  • Public policy expert Elizabeth Rusch offers compelling, bipartisan insights in her new book, “You Call This Democracy?” An insightful interview.

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