Not anything to add to this endorsement of Amy McGrath by the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper.

As a swing-district candidate, McGrath ascends to the national stage at an important moment. Nobody needs a reminder of the toxic and potentially dangerous political and social divides in America, nor an update on how a hyper-partisan, calcified Congress has failed to lead. Few believe continued GOP control of all branches of government will do anything but exacerbate the divide.

Highlights of McGrath’s stances:

A look at McGrath’s detailed policy proposals or a glimpse of her performance in public settings reveal her to be refreshingly unguarded and straightforward.

Yes, she is pro-choice. No, she would not have voted for the Trump tax cuts. Yes, she agrees with Pentagon leaders that climate change is a potential national security threat. No to the border wall. Gun owner, yes; NRA lackey, no. Yes to medical marijuana and industrial hemp. Yes to more investment in education, emphatic no to Education Secretary Betsy Devos’ efforts toward vouchers and privatization.

As for Republican Congressman Andy Barr:

But his allegiance to banking interests and steadfast commitment to overturning the post-recession Dodd-Frank safeguards (risking a return to the casino-economy collapse of 10 years ago), his opposition to progress on health care and his inexcusable refusal to stand up to even the most egregious actions of the Trump administration have been worse than just disappointing.

Barr has abandoned the true needs of his home state to cast his lot with the cynical Mitch McConnell power machine. He has become a virtual wind-up doll at regurgitating GOP talking points. And he is expert, if monotonous, at outlining the too-familiar assortment of scare tactics on immigration, crime, coal and regulation, among other issues. Such extremism in no way reflects the priorities of his Central Kentucky district.

Wil this make a difference?  Do people read newspaper endorsement any more?  The conservative Trump supporters don’t read and would disregard anything that is not from their alternative universe of “information.”  It might nudge some of those “independents” who are all, “I don’t know who to pick because I’m a moderate and both parties…blah, blah, blah.”  

Despite all the dark money trying to paint McGrath as a liberal out of touch with the 6th Congressional district, McGrath has some positions that should resonate with moderates.  Healthcare for one.  Barr has voted to repeal the ACA.  So whose the extremist?

And I do appreciate that the Herald-Leader plainly states that Republicans are dividing the country AND not getting anything done for the voters.  If you think the Establishment sucks, the sensible alternative is voting for Amy McGrath.  If you think the Establishment is great, Barr is your man.

Yeah, there is some libertarian mofo running, but who cares?