Letter to the CJ Editor from Toyota Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. President about Tariffs.

While I was writing my latest diary about Trump’s plan to place a 20% tariff on auto parts imports from the EU, I had wondered if those proposed tariffs would have an impact on the Toyato plant in Georgetown, KY.  Remember, Kentuckians LOVE us some Trump!  Well, seems I got my answer from a letter to the Courier-Journal by the President of Toyota Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc., Susan Elkington:

Toyota has 137,000 employees and operates 10, and soon 11, plants in the U.S. We are an exemplar of the manufacturing might of America.  A 25 percent tariff on automotive imports, which is really just a tax on consumers, would increase the cost of every vehicle sold in the country, not just those sold by Toyota.

Like most global automakers, including Detroit-based companies, Toyota sources most key parts and components locally, but also imports certain specialized parts and components. No vehicle in America, whether from Toyota, GM, Ford or Hyundai, is sole-sourced from exclusively U.S. parts and components.

Even though we assemble Camrys and Avalons on U.S. roads here in Georgetown, we still need imported parts. For example, a 25 percent tariff will increase the cost of a Toyota Camry by at least $1,800.

I’m reasonably sure that the rednecks here in KY didn’t think about this when they voted to MAGA.

But my favorite part of her letter to the CJ:

We want to thank Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Andy Barr and other members of Kentucky’s delegation for their support on this issue. 

Really?  You think that those worthless bastards are going to do anything about tariffs?  That is too funny.