Let's keep a running count of how many times media mentions Whatsapp as opposed to Hillary's emails


So Jared was using Whatsapp to communicate sensitive government business.  I don’t use it by my students do and its a fun application.  It’s like

“Hey everybody, let’s get together for pizza tonight and maybe discuss some nuclear secrets. You never know what deals might come up.”

“No man can’t make it unless warheads involved.”

“Another Saudi Arabia despot speaks. Maybe humus instead.”

“Oh guys you are killing me.”

“You’re not a journalist MBS hates are you now?”

“So Pizza and warheads Tuesday at six.”

Jared puts down his phone and smiles.

Don asks, “What’s up.”

Ivanka says, “Whatsapp daddy.”

Ivanka and Jared break down laughing.

Don says, “Oh I don’t get you kids.”

Another day of gags, Whatapp and nuclear brinksmanship at the White House. Woooheeee

Does the media even know what Whatsapp is? 

Anyway, I call go,

Jared’s Whatapp                                                                             Hillary’s emails

     1                                                                                                  2,355, 488.5